English learning note in August 21st

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spontaneous: 自发的、自然的
The audience burst into spontaneous applause.
Milane had another spontaneous miscarriage at around the 16th to 18th week.


intimate friend: 知己
He went on to intimate that he was indeed contemplating a shake-up of the company.

The idea that all energy and wealth comes from the sun really intrigued him.

He had an intuitive sense of what the reader wanted.
A positive pregnancy test soon confirmed her intuitive feelings.
This hypothesis makes intuitive sense, but certain aspects are troubling. 直觉上有道理,但某些方面令人不安。

China needs regional stability to underpin its continued economic growth.

steak 牛排
I'll have the steak and chicken combo platter. 套餐




they tend to crave time alone to consult their own thoughts.
crave:渴望、恳求 cave:山洞
craven:畏缩的、怯懦的 cravenness:懦夫

swap:交换 swap ideas

graham bread: 全麦面包

It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.


Since its original publication in 1976, Perception and Misperception in International Politics has become a landmark book in its field, hailed by the New York Times as “the seminal statement of principles underlying political psychology.”
perception 知觉
hail: 捧
seminal 有创造力的、对未来有重大影响的、种子的
semina semen的复数 精液


nuance: 细微差别
find the points of nuances so that you can pay attention to.

postpone: 延期

culpa 罪


Where dust transcends into being, where Life alloys divergent identities, where paradox foreshadows reconciliation...only there can Music be found...
From Eastern to Western soil, from the Latin aria to the Oriental reverberation, a nostalgic echo to the classical nobleness of the Violin...
Life cannot be contained, a single segment cannot possibly sustain it...the Violin encompasses many strings where Life plays its parallels, with each string bearing an identity...
Nostalgia, where Past espouses Present, where Mystery espouses Clarity.
alloy: 合金,融合
reconciliation 和解
aria 咏叹调、独奏曲
oriental 东方的
encompass 包含、环绕
clarity 明晰

The contest to define 'democracy' has become a fundamental concern of global politics. As Noam Chomsky has argued, the guardians of world order have sought to establish democracy in one sense of the term, while blocking it in others. The article interrogates the theoretical and material underpinnings of the great-power-defined agenda of democratisation. It argues that the democratisation project seeks to constitute (neo)liberal polities with a procedural notion of democracy, through coveted transformations in three domains: the minimal 'neutral' state, the liberal public sphere or 'civil society', and the liberal 'self'. The impetus to constitute African social relations in its own particular image may be attributable to liberalism's universalist pretensions. But ideas have materiality. Liberal democracy qua liberalism maintains a strong historical association with the birth and evolution of the modern capitalist world. The article contends that the democratisation project endeavours to reproduce within Africa (and elsewhere) the patterns of transformation that characteri‘sed the transition to capitalist modernity in north-west Europe.

Aegean Seas:爱琴海

More than 1.3 million refugees crossed the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas trying to reach Europe, as per the refugee agency of the United Nations, UNHCR.
as per: 按照
as per usual 依旧例
as per attached 按照所附的
as per sample 以样品为准
as per agreement 以协定为准



political asylum:政治庇护

By 2016, the government had moved to a far less welcoming stance and reinstated border controls.

overland:adv. 经由路上的

vis-a-vis 面对面的人;关于,和……相比;相对着
We smiled vis-a-vis and returned home.
They conferred with the accountant vis-a-vis the proposed budget.
Being vis-a-vis with the superstar takes the fans breath away.

Syrian 叙利亚的
Syria 叙利亚

The upshot is that, Germany’s extensive support for refugees is both a remarkable humanitarian gesture, and an example of economic pragmatism.
upshot 要点、结局
pragmatism 实用主义

Complex, costly, and controversial up front, integration efforts have already had some positive short term economic impact.
up front 预先、在前面的
Some companies charge a fee up front, but we don't think that's right.
costly 昂贵的

More importantly, they may emerge as part of a much-needed solution to the long term economic challenges posed by a rapidly aging native population.

Hungary 匈牙利

spike 长钉子;阻止

The tremendous flow of displaced persons into Germany happened despite the fact that the country is geographically and legally well-shielded from overland refugee migrations.
用副词挺妙的 geographically and legally well-shielded 屏蔽了的

treaty 条约
stipulate 保证、规定

deportation 驱逐、放逐
Ostracism 排斥、放逐、陶片放逐法

refrain 节制;副歌

Germany’s desirability as a destination for asylum seekers is long standing.
asylum 庇护所
desirability 愿望,值得向往的事物
long standing 存在已久的

diaspora 离散民众
diaspora bonds are potential source of funds
Aside from the perception of Germany as a safe and prosperous country with liberal asylum laws, the strong diaspora networks that have built up over time, particularly with Middle Eastern countries, act as a pull for new arrivals.
act as a pull

somalia 索马里
Sudan 苏丹
Eritrea 厄立特里亚
Nigeria 尼日利亚

most notably 尤其是
savage 野蛮的

has boosted Germany’s population by more than one percent.
boost 提高,推进

disposable 一次性的

deter 阻止

deteriorate 恶化
There are fears that the situation might deteriorate into full-scale war.

influx 流入、汇集

incorporate 合并
Incorporating refugees into Germany’s workforce is vital to mitigating the social and economic impact of the crisis.

specter 幽灵

backdrop 背景

focal 焦点上的

expedite 加快,促进
assimilation 同化
asylee 难民
Established in 2005, long before the current crisis, the course is designed to expedite the assimilation of approved asylees, helping them to obtain needed linguistic skills, as well as softer cultural skills and understanding.

orientation 方向,情况介绍
oriental 东方的;东方人
orientate 朝向;使熟悉
I'm trying to orientate myself.
The mountaineers found it difficult to orientate themselves in the fog.

lest 唯恐,以免
In July 2016, Germany’s government passed legislation requiring that asylum seekers take integration courses, lest they lose government benefits and the legal right to remain in the country.

Another ambitious government project sought to subsidize up to 100,000 so-called “One Euro Jobs” for refugees at the cost of 300 million Euros annually.
subsidize 资助,给予奖励金
subsidy 补贴、津贴
subside 平息、减弱、坐下
subsidiary 辅助的

contacts 联系人

To date, workplace integration efforts have had limited impact.In January 2017, 129.000 refugees from the top eight sending countries were officially employed in Germany – a substantial 45 percent increase in volume over the year before.
in volume 按量计算