English learning in September 7th

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attorney 律师
The attorney may present evidence as well as witnesses.
At the hearing, her attorney did not enter a plea.
hearing 听证会
enter a plea 提出申诉
consult with an attorney 咨询律师

convict 证明有罪、罪犯
The convict was pardoned after serving five years of his sentence.
pardon 赦免
sentence 判决
The jury in the first trial did not convict them of the airlines conspiracy.
jury 陪审团
trail 庭审
conspiracy 阴谋

cross-examination 盘问

beam 横梁、光线、电波

penalty 罚款、处罚
death penalty 死刑
Are you for or against the death penalty?
I am passionately opposed to the death penalty.

fraud 骗子
fraudulent 欺诈的
As is announced in the papers, our country has launched a largescale movement against smuggling and fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.
smuggling 走私

imprison 关押

perpetuate 使持续、使长存
They perpetuate the myth of the lone genius.
Regardless, all these complex measures had the same psychological purpose: to reassure people that the free fall would stop and, thereby, curb the fear that would perpetuate a free fall.
curb 遏制
perpetuation 不朽

plead 借口、为……辩护
They will plead with him to pull back from confrontation.

precede 领先
He gestured to Alice to precede them from the room.
This factor must precede an ice age and have the effect of slightly lowering Earth's temperature.
proceed 开始、继续进行
They had to take the finely balanced decision to let the visit proceed.

proceeding 诉讼

testify 证明、证实
She was held in contempt for refusing to testify.
Fiers promised to testify fully and truthfully.

economical 经济的
Fans of electric cars say they are clean, quiet, and economical.

tenant 旅客
hostel 旅店

clause 条款
The final clause in the contract will be left untouched.
contract 合同

He has a clause in his contract which entitles him to a percentage of the profits.

comply 遵守

exempt 免除
The interest on the money is exempt from tax.
South Carolina claimed the power to exempt its citizens from the obligation to obey federal law.
exemption clause 免责条约

negligent 忽视的
The jury determined that the airline was negligent in training and supervising the crew.

ratify 批准、认可
ratify the arrest 批准逮捕
ratify an accord 批准协议

sanction 制裁、处罚、认可、支持 v.& n.
The government refused to sanction a further cut in interest rates.
These changes will require the sanction of the court.

statutory 法定的
statutory law 成文法
Workers in Finland, France and Brazil have the most generous statutory allowance, getting 30 days of holiday every year.

meteorology 气象学、气象状态

meteor 流星

pathology 病理学

physio 理疗、物理疗法

physiology 生理学

depict 描绘
The media depict him as a left-wing bogeyman.

genre 流派、类型
We have artist and genre annotation for the albums.
annotation 注释
album 专辑

imagery 像、意象
Music, mime, and strong visual imagery play a strong part in the productions.

portrait 肖像

biography 传记

figurative 比喻的
His career spanned some 50 years and encompassed both abstract and figurative painting.
figurative 形象的

patronage 赞助、光顾
Promising as it is for minority businesses, this increased patronage poses dangers for them, too.
Now he is suing the casino, charging that it should have refused his patronage because it knew he was addicted.
sue 控告
casino 赌场

manuscript 手稿

monologue 独白
His actions were accompanied by a rambling monologue.
rambling 蔓生的

analogy 类比
The analogy between music and fragrance has stuck.
The teacher drew an analogy between the human heart and a pump.
draw an analogy between A and B

connotation 内涵、含蓄、暗示
The meaning of children's books lies in conveying the profound connotation behind the story.
notation 符号、乐谱
He recognizes enough notation to be able to follow a score.
score 乐谱

dialect 方言

discourse 话语、演讲
He was hoping for some lively political discourse at the meeting.

nuance 细微差别
He watched her face intently to catch every nuance of expression.
We can use our eyes and facial expressions to communicate virtually every subtle nuance of emotion there is.

paraphrase 注释
The following is a paraphrase of what was said.

rhetoric 修辞、华丽的辞藻、修辞的
The change is largely cosmetic, a matter of acceptable political rhetoric rather than social reality.
cosmetic 化妆的、化妆品

transcribe 抄录

artificial 人工的
artefact 手工制品 = handcraft
The Rosetta Stone is arguably the most famous archaeological artefact ever discovered.
arguably 大概

excavate 挖掘
A contractor was hired to drain the reservoir and to excavate soil from one area for replacement with clay.
reservoir 蓄水池

numeral 数字、数字的
Roman numeral 罗马数字

ritual 仪式

advent 出现 n.
The advent of the computer has brought this sort of task within the bounds of possibility.

forerunner 先驱者
He was the forerunner of the resistance.

medieval 中世纪的
It is a perfect example of a medieval castle.

millennium 新千年
How did you celebrate the millennium?

predate 早于
But, being over 11,000 years old, they predate the domestication of cereals in the Middle East by a millennium.

primitive 原始的、远古的
prime 第一的
Primitive humans needed to be able to react like this to escape from dangerous animals.

expend 花费
expenditure 开支
If you give up exercise, your muscles shrink and fat increases. By the same token, if you expend more energy you will lose fat.
by the same token 同样地

sparse 稀疏的

replicate 复制
He invited her to his laboratory to see if she could replicate the experiment.