English learning in September 6th

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marital 婚姻的
marital status 婚姻状况
marital leave 婚假

ritual 仪式、惯例、礼制、礼节性的
Why did theater develop, and why was it valued after it ceased to fulfill the function of ritual?

Now many specialists believe that cave paintings were not part of a ritual to bring good luck to hunters.

census 人口普查
census bureau 人口统计局

poll 投票、民意测验
opinion poll

per capita 人均
per capita income 个人平均所得

deprived 贫困的、被剥夺的

ethics 伦理学
It is a question of the relation of ethics to economics.

ethnic 种族的、人种的

secular 世俗的

ally 同盟
We can allow time to slip by and let it be our enemy. Or we can take control of it and make it our ally.
ally with 与……结盟

autonomy 自治权
The six fractious republics are demanding autonomy.
fraction 分数
fractious 倔强的、不安分的

counter 柜台、对立面、还击

condemn 谴责

dogma 教条、无端的意见
She was cloned from a single cell of an adult female sheep, overturning long-held scientific dogma that had declared such a thing biologically impossible.

unanimous 全体一致的、无异议的
Editors were unanimous in their condemnation of the proposals.
Although the plan received unanimous approval, this does not mean that it represents the lowest common denominator.

comply 遵守
She must be made to comply with the rules.
Some beaches had failed to comply with environmental regulations.

ratify 批准
Greek lawmakers have yet to ratify the terms—which include more spending cuts, tax hikes and the privatization of government assets.

unrest 不安

veto 否决权、否决

creditor 债权人

gross 总共的、总额
In sub-Saharan Africa today, for instance, gross investment accounts for roughly 15% of national income.

liquidate 清算、清除
A unanimous vote was taken to liquidate the company.

reimburse 偿还、赔偿
I'll be happy to reimburse you for any expenses you've had.
burse 钱包 = wallet = purse

quota 定额、限额
I'm going home now—I've done my quota of work for the day.
The bill would force employers to adopt a quota system when recruiting workers.

tariff 关税
f the tariff were lifted and unprocessed cashew were sold at world market prices, more farmers could profit by growing cashews.
cashew 腰果

turnover 翻覆、营业额、流通量
We have a fast turnover of stock.
My turnover increased spectacularly.

franchise 特许经营权、特权

incorporated 合并的、组成法人组织的

merge 合并
merger 合并 n.
A proposal to merge the two companies was voted through yesterday.

pharmaceutical 药品的、只要的
pharmaceutical factory

stake 赌注、股份

takeover 接管、接收

subsidiary 子公司

pneumonia 肺炎

arthritics 关节炎

chop up 切碎

curry 咖喱

ingest 摄取、咽下
It can be extremely dangerous if it is ingested.

rust 铁锈、生锈、使生锈

subtle 微妙的、精细的

partner 伴侣

tongue 舌头
tone 语气

collaboration 合作

commodity 商品

endorse 背书、认可
I wholeheartedly endorse his remarks.
At the next election none of the big parties seem likely to endorse this sentiment.
sentiment 情绪、观点

Had he succeeded, he would have acquired a monopoly.
monopoly 垄断地位

niche 合适的职业、有利可图的市场
The difficult question is how to find that profitable niche and protect it.
An ancestral species might have adapted to exploit a particular ecological niche on one island and then traveled over water to colonize other islands.
On the basis of these experiments and of field observations, the so-called law of competitive exclusion was formulated, according to which no two species can occupy the same niche.
exclusion 排斥
formulate 用公式明确表达

diploma 毕业证、学位证、文凭
diplomacy 外交

commission 委员会、佣金
She gets 10% commission on each sale.

perk 工资外的补贴、额外收入、振作起来、咖啡壶
House prices could perk up during the fall.
Where can I find a cheap coffee perk for my dorm room?
And the Fed can abandon the commitment if growth or inflation perk up.
By consolidating the hawks, the new alignment may also unify and perk up the doves in Israel's aviary.

redundant 多余的
Changes in technology may mean that once-valued skills are now redundant.

audio 声音的
audit 审计 v.
Each year they audit our accounts and certify them as being true and fair.

creditor 债权人
debtor 债务人

deficit 赤字
The deficit had grown with the connivance of the banks.
connivance 默许、纵容、视而不见

fiscal 财政的
The government brought itself to the brink of fiscal disaster.

levy 征兵、征税
The fifth largest city in the US passed a significant soda tax proposal that will levy 1.5 cents per liquid ounce on distributors.
Shareholders moan that banks levy fat fees to underwrite rights issues even though the risk of a deal falling is minimal.
moan 抱怨、呻吟

macroeconomic 宏观经济、宏观经济的

quarter 季度
quarterly 季度的
It makes no difference whether dividends are paid quarterly or annually.
dividend 红利、股息
We track revenue, cost, and gross profit metrics against monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets and show them side by side with the carbon footprint data.

recess 休息 n.
recession 衰退
recessive 逆行的、后退的、隐性的

abide 忍受、遵守
abide by 遵守
It is parents' responsibilities to make sure their children abide by the law.
May joy and peace abide in us all.
abide one's destiny 听天由命

evoke 引起、唤醒
It became apparent that smell can evoke strong emotional responses.
invoke 调用、恳求
In choosing a method for determining climatic conditions that existed in the past, paleoclimatologists invoke four principal criteria.
criteria 标准

lawsuit 诉讼
The lead plaintiff of the lawsuit is the University of California.
plaintiff 原告
He was perpetually involving himself in this long lawsuit.
perpetually 永久地、长期地