English learning in September 5th

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cardiovascular 心血管的
Smoking places you at serious risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease.
respiratory 呼吸的

embryo 胚胎
The sex of the embryo is predetermined at fertilization.

neural 神经的
oral 口头的

pathology 病理学、病状、社会异常
It involved research in genetics, plant breeding, plant pathology, entomology, agronomy, soil science, and cereal technology.
entomology 昆虫学

This view has caused great controversy: Black Americans have fallen into a "tangle of pathology".
tangle 混乱

cereal 谷物的
serial 连续的

vein 血管

dormant 休眠
During the winter the seeds lie dormant in the soil.
The pupae remain dormant in the soil until they emerge as adult moths in the winter. pupae 蛹

exhale 呼气
Without gravity to help circulate air, the carbon dioxide you exhale has a tendency to form an invisible cloud around your head.
inhale 吸入
respiration 呼吸作用
She was given artificial respiration and cardiac massage.
cardiac 心脏的

hale 精神矍铄的(老人)

suppress 压迫、镇压

hibernate 过冬、冬眠

amphibian 两栖动物
The living space of the amphibian is much larger than that of others.

carnivore 食肉动物
With our present data, we don't know what precisely the interactions were between a primate and a big carnivore.

primate 灵长类动物
herbivore 食草类动物
omnivore 杂食类动物
omnivorous 杂食的

fauna 动物群
flora 植物群

hybrid 杂交的
Hybrid cars can go almost 600 miles between refuelling.
混合动力汽车 hybrid car
hybrid rice 杂交水稻

larva 幼虫
magma 岩浆

parasite 寄生虫
paralysis 麻痹

pesticide 杀虫剂

reptile 爬行动物
I mean, crocodiles' brains are the most developed of any reptile.

crocodile 鳄鱼

indigenous 本土的
indigenous population 土著
Surprisingly few extinctions of indigenous species can be attributed to competition from introduced species.
alien species invade 外来物种

germinate 使发芽
Some seed varieties germinate fast, so check every day or so.
germ 胚芽

nutrient 营养的
nutrition 营养

photosynthesis 光合作用
But, unlike sunlight, the light from these LEDs did not support photosynthesis.

pollen 花粉

vegetation 植被

breed 使动物繁殖、动物交配
He used to breed dogs for the police.
Frogs will usually breed in any convenient pond.
breeder 饲养员

mate 交配、结伴、配偶

nurture 养育
Like the old song says, there's no place like home, not because of the real estate, but because of the sense of shelter and nurture that it provides.
estate 房地产

carbohydrate 碳水化合物

intake 摄取量
Your intake of alcohol should not exceed two units per day.
exceed 超过

anaesthesia n.麻醉、麻木
anaesthetic 麻醉的、麻醉剂
How long will I be under the anaesthetic ?
You'll be under anaesthetic, so you won't feel a thing.

esthetic 审美的、美学
He despised the esthetic of minimalism. 极简派艺术

antibiotic 抗生素、抗菌的
biotic 生物的
biotic community 生物群落

antiseptic 防腐的、抗菌的
septic 败血症的
septicemia 败血症

immunize 使免疫

pharmaceutical 制药的、药物
They're all groaning about soaring health budgets, the fastest-growing component of which are pharmaceutical costs.

pharmacology 药理学

physiological 生理学的
physiotherapy 物理疗法

practitioner 执业医生

psychiatry 精神病学

remedy 补救、疗法

acute 严重的

allergy 过敏症
I have an allergy to animal hair.

obese 肥胖的

stroke 划、中风

transmit 传输
The speed with which digital cameras can take, process, and transmit an image is phenomenal.
phenomenal 现象级的、显著的、惊人的

trauma 创伤
The patient suffered severe brain trauma.

depressive disorder、depression 抑郁症

amnesia 健忘症

infamous 声名狼藉的

infant 婴儿、幼儿、幼稚的

unflagging 不屈不挠的

arbitrary 任意的、武断的

orbit 轨道、眼眶
The orbit of this comet intersects the orbit of the Earth.
comet 彗星
orbital 轨道的

cyclone 旋风

meteorology 气象学

monsoon 季风
A monsoon is a seasonal wind that can bring in a large amount of rainfall.

tidal 潮汐的
tide 潮水
The tidal stream or current gradually decreases in the shallows.浅滩

typhoon 台风

equator 赤道
tropic 热带
tropical 热带的

terrestrial 地球的、陆地的
When plants pioneered the land, they faced a range of challenges posed by terrestrial environments.
alien 外国的、外星人
extra-terrestrial 外星的

arid 干旱的

Twenty million years ago, Idaho was not the arid place it is now. Rather, it was warm and damp, populated by dense primordial forest.

crater 火山口
Ash began to erupt from the crater.

glacier 冰川
A liquid layer forms at the base of the glacier.