English learning in September 4th

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apparatus 装置
One of the boys had to be rescued by firemen wearing breathing apparatus.
They lacked the scientific personnel to develop the technical apparatus much further.
This entire apparatus fits on a chip no larger than a few square millimeters. 这整个装置可以被安置在不超过几平方毫米的芯片上。
chip 芯片、晶片

gauge 计量器、测量
The fuel gauge had gone on the blink. 燃料计量器出毛病了。
We were able to gauge the strength of the wind from the movement of the trees.
Tomorrow's game against Arsenal will be a good gauge of their promotion chances.
They should then be able to gauge the extent to which individual birds depend on using sticks to feed themselves.
The consumer buying experience is growing increasingly more complex, but the metrics to gauge them have remained largely unchanged.

run into 遇见

laser 激光
The print quality of the new laser printer is superb.
Laser discs can store prodigious amounts of information.
prodigy 奇迹
prodigious 大量的
The department is blazing a trail in the field of laser surgery.
blaze 燃烧
blazes 火焰
blaze a trail 开辟道路

petrify 石化
Slogans petrify our thinking.
petrified 惊呆的

petri dish 培养皿
And so what if you could grow a battery in a petri dish?

test tube 试管
It is one thing to manipulate cells in a test tube, quite another to treat people. 用试管做细胞实验是一回事,用于人身上又是另一回事了。

vacuum 真空
The vacuum flask has a strong casing, which won't crack or chip.
flask 烧瓶
chip 弄缺

venture 冒险、敢于冒险
venture capital 风险投资

combustion 点燃
The energy is released by combustion on the application of a match.

condense 浓缩、凝结
dense 厚重的、浓稠的
When you summarize, you condense an extended idea or argument into a sentence or more in your own words.
If some reefs are destroyed by storms, starfish populations that inhabited those reefs would have to condense and concentrate on the reefs that are left.
reef 礁石

conductor 导体
conductivity 导电性

contaminate 污染
An urban food myth contends that if food spends just a few seconds on the floor, dirt and germs won't have much of a chance to contaminate it.
Hostile relationships invidiously contaminate our wellbeing.
invidious 诽谤的、不公平的

Carriers can contaminate the food they handle. Prevention depends mainly on water and sewage treatment and excluding carriers from food-handling jobs.
sewage 污水

Radioactivity cannot contaminate food that is packaged; for example, tinned or plastic-wrapped food is protected from radioactivity as long as the food is sealed.
seal 密封、印章

hydrate 水合物、补水
After-sun products will cool and hydrate your skin.
Make sure to hydrate before, during and after your runs to avoid dehydration.

Surely it is an economic nonsense to deplete the world of natural resources.

Unlike meat from those filthy places, it will not pollute rivers and streams, deplete groundwater or cause deforestation.
filthy 肮脏的
filter 过滤器

dilute 削弱、稀释
There was a clear intention to dilute black voting power.
Dilute the paint with water until it is the consistency of milk.
consistency 粘稠度

disperse 分散
dispersal n.分散、传播
Plant species dependent solely on seeds for survival or dispersal are obviously more vulnerable to any decrease in plant fecundity that occurs.
fecund 肥沃的

dissolve 溶解

vapor 水蒸气
evaporate 使蒸发

exhaust 排出气体、排气管
The exhaust streamed black smoke.
The city's streets are filthy and choked with exhaust fumes.
choke with 充满

extract 提取
The rest is far too difficult to extract and has to remain underground.
They need to extract as much information as possible from the first or second reading.

harness 治理、利用、驾驭
Turkey plans to harness the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for big hydro-electric power projects.

synthesis 综合
synthesize 合成
Instead, he advocates a synthesis of these two views.

insulate 隔离
insulation 隔绝

emulation 仿真
Designer sportswear would have to be verified by a standard other than that of pure beauty; the emulation of a designer's life in designer sportswear was a crude version of this relationship.

acrobatics 杂技

martial arts 武术

yield 出产、产量、屈服
high yield 高产、高收益-low yield
Higher-rate deposit accounts yield good returns.
deposit 存款
A 10% deposit is payable in advance.

constituent 成分

debris 碎片
Falling debris rained on us from above.
Survivors clung to pieces of floating debris.
cling 抓紧、黏住

permeate 渗透
permeability 渗透性
permeable 能渗透的
Water will easily permeate a cotton dress.

porous 渗水的,疏松多孔的

staple 主要产品、订书机、主要的
It is well-known that bamboo shoots are a panda's staple diet.

unspoiled 未被破坏的
An unspoiled coral reef encloses the bay.

enclose 围绕

compound 化合物
Heating this chemical compound drives off carbon dioxide gas, leaving calcium oxide.

crystal 结晶、晶体、水晶、水晶般的
The cliffs, lapped by a crystal-clear sea, remind her of Capri.

castle 城堡

insoluble 不可解决的、不能溶解的

molecule 分子
molecular 分子的

periodic table 元素周期表

particle 颗粒、质点

hydraulic 液压的

kinetic 运动的

momentum 动力、冲力

propel 推进

acoustic 声学的
optical 光学的
sonic 声音的
aural 听觉的、耳的
He became famous as an inventor of astonishing visual and aural effects.

analogy 类比
analogue 类似物

electrode 电极

spectrum 光谱

prototype 原型、样本
We broke up into groups, and each group designed its own toy and made an alpha prototype.

silicon 硅

integer 整数
decimal 小数

theorem 定理

Scientists at the world's largest particle accelerator have successfully collided beams of protons at the highest energy levels ever seen.

So wonder thing is that we hope to get, recent or earlier, an effective scene in the next two years of some idea of what this dark matter is.

anatomy 解剖

artery 动脉、干道
artery traffic 交通干线