English learning in September 17th

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converse 交流
The two deaf actors converse solely in signing.
solely = only

discrete 离散的、不连续的
Social structures are not discrete objects; they overlap and interweave.

discreet 谨慎的、周到的

assemble 组装
The shed comes in sections that you assemble yourself.

resemble 类似、像
Stunt people must resemble the stars they stand in for.
stunt people 特技演员

discriminate 歧视、分辨

synonymous 同义的
synonym 同义词
Give the synonym and antonym of this word.
antonym 反义词

anonymous 匿名的
incognito 化名的、伪装的

cognize 认识
cognitive 认知的
As children grow older, their cognitive processes become sharper.

tally 计数器、计算、记录
medal tally 奖牌总数
Keep a tally of how much you spend while you're away.
running tally 流水账

derive 源于、得到
Most patients derive enjoyment from leafing through old picture albums.
In fact, over fifty percent of genuine British surnames derive from place names of different kinds.

incent 激励、鼓励
incentive 动机n. 刺激的

induce 诱导
Nothing would induce me to take the job.

initiate 开始实施
They wanted to initiate a discussion on economics.

negate 否定、取消;反面
He warned that to negate the results of elections would only make things worse.
But Zizek's analysis seeks to reinscribe political meanings in ways that negate such liberal critiques.

pinpoint v.查明
I could pinpoint his precise location on a map.

prompt 提示、促进、敏捷的、立刻的、及时的
The meeting will begin at ten o'clock prompt.
You have been so prompt in carrying out all these commissions.
I'll prompt her if she forgets her lines.

provoke 激怒、驱使
Thinking angry thoughts can provoke strong physiological arousal.

rationale 基本原理
What is the rationale behind these new exams?

percussion 震动、碰撞、打击乐组
Then a percussion instrument came in.

repercussion 反响、弹回、令人不满意的后果
This is probably the biggest repercussion of the calculation.

stem 干、茎、阻止

whereby 凭借、通过
They have introduced a new system whereby all employees must undergo regular training.
The two colleges have a reciprocal arrangement whereby students from one college can attend classes at the other.
The company operates an arrangement whereby employees may select any 8-hour period between 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to go to work.

blend 混合

cumulative 积累的

conviction 定罪、坚定的信仰

rechtsstaat 法治国家(originated form German)
Bentham 边沁

auction 拍卖

prose 散文

baconly/veranda 阳台

defer 推迟、延期
Customers often defer payment for as long as possible.
defer to 顺从
We will defer to whatever the committee decides.
deferred 延期的
deference 顺从

infer 推断

imminent 即将到来的
There appeared no imminent danger.

thereafter 从那以后
Thereafter she wrote articles for papers and magazines in Paris.

hindsight 事后之明、马后炮
With hindsight, we'd all do things differently.
What looks obvious in hindsight was not at all obvious at the time.

retrospect 回顾
The decision seems extremely odd, in retrospect.
The punishment was surely disproportionate to the crime, and many investments that look foolish in retrospect seemed sensible at the time.
disproportionate 不成比例的、不相称的

disport 玩耍、娱乐

precedent 先例
They were determined to break from precedent.
precede 领先、在……之前
A trickle of flowing mud may precede a larger flow.
unprecedented 未料到的

indefinite 无限期的、不明确的
They seem determined to string the talks out for an indefinite period.
string out 拖长时间

extroverted 外向的
introverted 内向的

exorable 可说服的
inexorable 无情的、不屈不挠的、不可阻挡的
inexorable law 无情的法律
CHINA's rise has long appeared inexorable.

interim 临时的、暂时的、中间的、过渡期
But, in the interim, we obviously have a duty to maintain law and order.
interim government 临时政府

monotonous 单调乏味的
monotone 单音调
monotony 单调 n.
It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs.

advent 到来

concurrent 并发的、一致的
It has been frequently assumed, but not proved, that the majority of the migrants in what has come to be called the Great Migration came from rural areas and were motivated by two concurrent factors.
concurrent post 兼职
concurrent processing 并行处理

consecutive 连贯的、连续不断的
The Cup was won for the third consecutive year by the Toronto Maple Leafs.
You know that studying six consecutive hours is not equivalent to studying one hour a day for six days.

consensus 一致、舆论、合意 sensus=sense(共同的感觉)
There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue.

consent 准许、同意
mutual consent 双方同意
Silence must not always be read as consent.

consequence 结果、重要性、推论

persecution 迫害

penultimate 倒数第二、倒数第二的
It is the penultimate letter of the alphabet.

successive 连续的、依次的
This was their fourth successive win.

succeed 成功、接替

intermittent 间歇性的
omit 遗漏
intermittent 间歇雨
So, even under normal situations, the gene flow among the subpopulations is more of an intermittent trickle than a steady stream.
trickle 滴、细流

constitution 宪法、体制、章程
constituent 成分、选民、委托人、构成的
constitute 组成、构成、任命

cross-section 横截面、典型

particle 颗粒
A patron is an elementary particle of matter.

inherent 内在的、固有的
Individuality is a valued and inherent part of the British character.

integral 积分的、完整的、整体的
integral equation 积分方程

intricate 复杂的
intrinsic 本质的、固有的
It's got extrinsic and intrinsic value for me.
extrinsic 外在的
intrigue 阴谋诡计 trick 诡计