English learning in September 16th

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deplete 耗尽

deter 阻止
deteriorate 恶化

dwindle 减少、变小
The number of people going to the cinema seems to dwindle steadily .

erode 腐蚀、侵蚀
The rain will erode the deeds of his life.
erosion n.

shrink (使)缩小
Woollen fabrics shrink in the wash.

tail off 减少
The number of tourists starts to tail off in October.

status quo 现状
Parts of the administration may be changing but others have been obdurate defenders of the status quo.
obdurate 顽固的

volatile 挥发性的
The blast occurred when volatile chemicals exploded.

cognitive ability 认知能力

comprehend 理解

conceive 构思、怀孕、持有
It is impossible to conceive of a self arising outside of social experience.
Women, he says, should give up alcohol before they plan to conceive.

envisage 设想、想象
I can't envisage her coping with this job.

formulate 规划、用公式表达
Governments need to formulate energy policies that promote economically and environmentally sound development.

infer 推断、推论
You should learn how to infer a conclusion from statistics.
inference 推论
An evolutionary inference can then be drawn.

intuition 直觉
He had an intuitive sense of what the reader wanted.

misinterpret 误解

clarify 澄清

denote 表示、指示
The flashing lights denote dangerous roads ahead.

extrapolate 推断
You may also want to only do detailed logging on a random fraction of requests and extrapolate from there.

signify 表示、意味

irrigation 灌溉
irrigation was seen as the main priority to ensure the supply of water.

wire 电线、金属丝

preservation 保存、保留
The paintings were in an excellent state of preservation.

I'll call the restaurant and make a reservation.

objective 目的、目标、客观的
Winning is not the prime objective in this sport.
object 目标、反对、拒绝
A lot of people will object to the book.
He became an object of universal derision.
derision 嘲笑

detach 分离、派遣
I tried to detach myself from the reality of these terrible events.
whereas medieval builders improvised and adapted construction through their intimate knowledge of materials and personal experience of the conditions on a site, buiding designs are now conceived and stored in media technologies that detach the designer from the physical and social realities thay are creating.

whereas 但是、监狱
improvise 即兴创作
intimate 亲密的、个人的

sustain 维持、支撑、承担
which planets can sustain life?
sustainable 可以忍受的、可持续的

tumour 肿瘤

debilitate 使衰弱
Laboratory tests show that secretions from the bodies of these millipedes are rich in two chemicals that are potent mosquito repellents, and mosquitoes carry parasites that debilitate capuchins.
secretion 分泌物
potent 有效的、强有力的
mosquito repellent 驱蚊剂
parasite 寄生虫

contagious 传染性的、会蔓延的
The cute but clumsy pink piglet, McDull, just might be the most contagious thing this summer.

pop up 突然出现

hectare 公顷
Yield is the amount produced for each hectare or acre.
yield 产出、屈服、产量
Higher-rate deposit accounts yield good returns.

disturbance 干扰、混乱
He was charged with causing a disturbance after the game.

stagnant 停滞的
stagnant economy/water/market
Reforming the stagnant economy requires harsh measures that would translate into job losses.

thrive 繁荣、兴旺
New businesses thrive in this area.
I admire their thirst for knowledge and they seem to thrive on challenges.

resistance 阻力
The defenders put up a strong resistance.

mitigate 使缓和、使减轻
One future possibility is that improved monitoring can help predict where and when bleaching will occur, which might potentially enable us to mitigate its effects.

vegetation 植被、草木
The hills are covered in lush green vegetation.
lush 丰茂的、繁盛的

spectacular 壮观的
spectacle 景象、场面

telemetry 遥测技术

take a turn 轮流、转一圈

insult 侮辱、辱骂 n.&v.
Their behaviour was an insult to the people they represent.

readily available 易于获得的
easy to obtain

readily 轻而易举地、迅速地
When she told them what she intended they readily consented.
These data are not readily available.

outlet 出口、排放孔

strike a chord 引起共鸣
resonate 共鸣v.
resonance 共振、共鸣
Her intent may be to appeal over the heads of Paris's chattering classes, provoking a deliberate confrontation between polite opinion and popular sentiment.

You need to strike a chord, not just parade merit.
This story may strike a chord for other women in the same situation.

print 印刷品 printing press/printed products
Mobile-phone marketing has become as vital a platform as TV, online or print.
The printing press helped diffuse scientific knowledge.
Even the most unusual printed products can be 'virtually' presented and sold online.

endorse 赞同、认可、背书
I wholeheartedly endorse his remarks.

He well knew the futility of trying to contend against witches, so he gave up discouraged.
contend 竞争、斗争 contend with racism
futility 无用、徒劳

spectacular 壮观的
spectrum 光谱、范围
speculate 推测、投机
speculation 投机
specular 镜子的

query 疑问
If you have a query about your insurance policy, contact our helpline.

attribute 属性、把(某特性)归属于…
People were beginning to attribute superhuman qualities to him.
Childhood had less freedom and joy than we sentimentally attribute to it.

mediate 调停、斡旋、间接的
The Secretary-General was asked to mediate in the dispute.
An independent body was brought in to mediate between staff and management.

testify 证实、证明
There are several witnesses who will testify for the defence.

compelling 引人注目的
compelling reason 令人信服的理由
compelling answer
compel 强迫

explicit 明确的、清楚的
explicitly 明确地
explicate 说明

implicit 含蓄的
implication 暗示

complement 补足 v.、补充物
There will be a written examination to complement the practical test.
The therapy can be a useful technique to complement traditional forms of psychotherapy.