English learning in May 18th

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manifold 多种多样的

intricate 复杂的

leash 皮带

incipient 初期的

ottoman empire 奥斯曼帝国

formation 形成

upheaval n. 剧变、隆起

recourse 求援、依赖
the recourse to force

Persia 波斯

recur 复发
recurrent 复发发、周期性的

dissolve 使溶解

reversal 逆转 n.

standoff 僵局、平衡、冷淡

expulsion 驱逐 n.

prevail 流行
Those beliefs still prevail among certain social groups.

cede 放弃、割让领土

Caucasus 高加索

incursion 进攻

expedition 远征

Istanbul 伊斯坦布尔

Bulgaria 保加利亚

Tunisia 突尼斯

Algeria 阿尔及利亚

intersect 相交

succumb 失败
succumb to 屈服于

strait 海峡

vacate 空出

rival 对手

ethopia 埃塞俄比亚

Palestine 巴勒斯坦

retrospect 回溯

merit attention 值得注意
history provides us lessons that merit attention.

reconcile 使和解
Most feminist scholars find it difficult to reconcile Fern's sardonic social critiques with her effusive celebrations of many conventional values.

bid 出价、叫牌
in a bid to do sth 为了做某事

frugal 节俭的

revolt 违抗、起义

The war was carried into enemy territory.
territory 领土

appropriate v.占用

delineation 描述、画轮廓

apparatus 装置、设备

unleash 释放

posit 安置,假想

profile 侧面、轮廓

profligate 放荡的、不检点的

tangible 有形的

intractable 棘手的

commence 开始着手
inclination 倾向
He took his knife and fork, and was going to commence eating, when the inclination appeared to become suddenly extinct.

“I’ll walk you down,” Sherlock offered as Mycroft pulled on his coat and scarf.
pull on

shiver 颤抖

appalling 糟糕的

he started going over the list of experiments he had on the go, whittling away the ones that weren’t appropriate to conduct in the quieter hours.

on the go 忙碌着

whittle 削

dwell on 细想
dwell 居住
He got it down to a possible three he could work on and he made his way upstairs, ready to keep his brain engaged so he wouldn’t dwell on the fact his brother wasn’t here with him.

lounge 休息室

bicker 吵嘴

I think he’d be up for it. 我想他会同意的

sin 罪恶

truce 停战

snarky 刻薄的

lithe 轻盈的

trove 宝藏

absently 心不在焉地

absurd 愚蠢的

discreet 小心的

suffice 使满足

subterfuge 借口

“Fine, you may have a point.” 好吧,你说得对

It wasn’t that long ago that his brother milked him for every penny he could
milk 榨取

lavish 慷慨的

dawdling 闲散的

“Better cake than cocaine,” the politician retorted as he got to his feet.
get to his feet 站起来

"Touche" 说得好

convoluted 复杂的

mid forties from the looks 看起来四十多岁

beverage 饮料

“Thank you so much for coming at such short notice. You have my gratitude.”

seamlessly 天衣无缝地

onerous 繁重的

it is at the stage where we can no longer continue to put off the introductions without causing a fuss
fuss 大惊小怪

theatrically 戏剧性地

intimate 私密的

Remuneration 报酬

masquerade 伪装

consort 配偶

yelp 大叫

boot up 启动

I knew it came off kind of ranty.

cryptic 神秘的

we trust you have received the usual lecture from the local system administrator. I t usually boils down to three these things:
respect the privacy of others; think before you type; with great power comes great responisibility.
boil down 归结于

It always takes tweaking with the audio drivers to make it functional.
tewaking 细微调整