English learning in August 20th

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Never tease or barrack other people.
barrack 营房;嘲笑
tease 取笑

rival 对手
Their smaller rival is battling to end their duopoly. duopoly 双头垄断
He was indignant that his rival was offered the job. indignant 愤愤不平的

gigantic 巨大的
The gigantic natural harbour is a haven for boats. haven 保护区

impotent 无力的
Without the chairman's support, the committee is impotent.

ulterior 别有用心的,隐晦的
Their groundless accusation is made with ulterior motives.

unquestioning support 无条件支持

sequel 续集
She is currently writing a sequel to Daphne du Maurier's "Rebecca."

constituent 成分
Caffeine is the active constituent of drinks such as tea and coffee.
Over time, the protein in the eggshell breaks down into its constituent amino acids. amino acids 氨基酸

bypass 旁路、被忽视
A new bypass around the city is being built.

oddly enough 说来奇怪

imperative 必要的,必要的事
It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.
The most important political imperative is to limit the number of U.S. casualties. casualty 意外事故、伤者、急诊室
Beethoven's music tends to move from chaos to order as if order were an imperative of human existence.

haul 拖,拉
long-haul 长途的 a long-haul flight

undergo 经历
This is the complete cycle our bodies are naturally geared to undergo within the passage of a twenty-four-hour day. gear to 适合
These act like batteries when they undergo a temperature change: attach electrodes to them and they generate a current.

backdrop 背景布
Their love affair was played out against the backdrop of war.
The profits rise was achieved against a backdrop of falling metal prices.

exhilarate 使兴奋
This dangerous task did not defeat but exhilarate him.
That things always went as badly as she had foreseen did not exhilarate her in the least.

itinerary 旅程
excursion 短途旅行
Life can be as busy or as relaxing as you like—we can even help you create your own itinerary of excursions to the other islands, each stunningly beautiful but very different.
stunningly 令人震惊地
stunning 极好的

calligraphy 书法
vigorous 有力的
His calligraphy is vigorous and forceful.

calibrate 校准

reactant 反应物

apathetic 冷漠的、无兴趣的、无动于衷的
He felt no warmth towards his comrades but was cold, indifferent and apathetic.
The future is an apathetic void of no interest to anyone.
void 无效的、空的、空虚感、空白

fester 使恶化、化脓
Other arguments will continue to fester.
They resolve arguments rather than letting things fester.

folly 荒唐事

irritate 刺激
irritable 易怒的、急躁的
chop 砍、剁
Wear rubber gloves while chopping chillies as they can irritate the skin.

irritability 过敏性、易怒
He may be unaware of his irritability and surprised when someone calls attention to it.

threshold 门槛
She felt as though she was on the threshold of a new life.
I simply don't meet their financial threshold. meet sb's threshold
When surface temperatures rise to a comfortable threshold, they emerge.

enrapture 使狂喜、使着迷
Yearning for a long enrapture you yesterday and the longing for a beautiful future.

very 真正的

trawl 用拖网捕鱼
A quick trawl through the newspapers yielded five suitable job adverts.

glitch 小故障

eerie 可怕的
eerie silence

laud 赞美

subtle 微弱的、微妙的
But TV images require subtle gradations of light and shade. gradation 层次

reversed 崇敬的
She is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality.
The New York Times quoted what it called an American official involved in planning as saying a visit to the revered Sikh religious complex had been ruled out.

rule out 排除
They didn't rule out coalition with the Social Democrats.

pseudo 伪君子;假的

amid 在……之中
amid such controversy, he destroyed the vital databases.

recoil 畏缩,反弹,厌恶
People used to recoil from the idea of getting into debt.

reckon 估计
reckon on 依赖

irresistible 不可抵抗的

essence 本质
Though complicated in detail, local taxes are in essence simple.
The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted.

supersede 取代
Any one could supersede you as manager in my office.

deteriorate 恶化
There are fears that the situation might deteriorate into full-scale war.
Food is apt to deteriorate in summer.

apt 恰当的
aptitude 天资
apt to 易于

undermine 毁坏、削弱
He accused me of slandering him and trying to undermine his position.
The prosecution did its best to undermine the credibility of the witness. prosecute 检举

resemble 像
Stunt people must resemble the stars they stand in for. stunt people 特技演员

distinguish 区分
indistinguishable 难以区分的

boredom 无聊

twilight 黄昏、模糊的

gorgeous 灿烂的,美好的

stealthily 暗地里

piece of music 一段音乐

Tumblr addressed its child pornography problem by enacting a ban.
enact 生效

commence 开始、着手
commence business

there may be more than one truth, as is manifest in this instance.
manifest 显示、表明

G has respect for S and seems to possess none of the animosity his team has.
possess 持有、控制
animosity 憎恶

The nub of the issue is the relationship between the material and the ideational worlds.
nub 要点

we exclude tactic bargains and implicit guidelines.
exclude 排除
implicit 暗示的、隐含的

may vary across issues and over time 实事求是

we do not counterpost dueling perspectives, instead we invastigate based conjectures.
counterpost 使对立
duel 决斗 dueling perspective 对立的观点
conjecture 猜想

The aid comes under the rubric of technical cooperation between governments.
rubric 标题,名义

regime theory 机制理论

wage war 开展战争

gorge 喉咙、吞咽、峡谷