English learning in April

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sluggish 迟钝的,疲软的
The reasons behind the sluggish progress are multiple.

a myriad of = a lot of

sheer 绝对的、透明的、纯粹的
i own you a debt of gratitude!
with my sheer delight!

Perhaps no other phrase uttered during Angela Merkel's long chancellorship has made such an impact.The words "Wir schaffen das" ("We can do this!") were meant to express confidence in the face of a huge, self-imposed task.
utter 说出;完全的、彻底的
impose 施加

exonerate 使免罪
There is no reason to exonerate him from the ordinary duties of a citizen.

crikey 哎呀(表惊叹)
alas 唉
alack 哎呀 表示悲伤或遗憾
Alas and alack, we had missed our bus.
For many people, alas, hunger is part of everyday life.

give sb one's word 向某人保证

collusion 勾结,共谋
collusive 勾结的
collude 勾结
The police were corrupt and were operating in collusion with the drug dealers.

conclusion 结论
collision 撞击
The play represents the collision of three generations.

for the time being 暂时
We've had to put our plans on ice for the time being.
for the time being, we settle.

be that as it may, there is still the other possibility.
be that as it may 就算如此

recollection 回忆

suspend 暂停
exceed 超过
If you exceed your credit limit, we have the right to suspend or cancel your account.
The groundswell forced Arroyo to suspend the contracts in September.
groundswell 舆论风潮
contract 合同

the thin end of the wedge 导火索
This demand is only the thin end of the wedge, soon the will want more and more.
The real reason that Japan is so hell-bent on continuing its whaling is because it fears that a ban would be the thin end of the wedge.

sack 解雇,麻布袋,抢劫
Four hundred workers face the sack.

lull 使平静、安宁

Data show that economic downturns tend to postpone marriage because the parties cannot afford to establish a family or are concerned about rainy days ahead.

second-guess: 事后批评
second-guesser: 事后诸葛亮
everytime you second-guess. 你总是马后炮。
After a breakup, it's all too easy to second-guess yourself and your choices.

contemplate: 沉思
ponder:仔细考虑 ponderous:笨重的
mikky rarely contemplate the reasons for human existence or the meaning of life.

book up 预定
it gets booked up quickly so you'd need to check it was avaliable.

bend 转弯、弯道
this should improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians, especially on the bend just to the north of the floor.

pigeon 鸽子
Urban pigeon are able to perch on ledges on the walls of city buildings, just like they once perched on cliffs by the sea.
perch 栖息
ledge 岩壁
cliff 悬崖
lobster 龙虾

cognition 认知
perception 认知能力、知觉
[Perception is what puts us in contact with our present surroundings, while cognition is what makes us able to form beliefs, make decisions, and so on. ... The question is how we can determine, in a given experience, what is contributed by perception, on the one hand, and cognition, on the other.]
[there is a clear line between perception — how we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell — and higher-level cognitive processes that allow us to integrate and interpret our senses.]
Such attitudes are valueless unless they reflect inner cognition and certainty.
Perception is important in social cognition too.
Evidence is building up from experiments such as these that the birds are able to plan their actions in advance, which is very interesting for understanding their cognition.
Research shows that when we absorb information in order to teach it to someone else, we learn it more accurately and deeply, perhaps in part because we are engaging our social cognition.

perceive 察觉、感觉
perceptual 感觉的
resolute 坚决果断的
Voters perceive him as a decisive and resolute international leader.
Most blind people, even if they don't have any sight, are still able to perceive light.
We use information that we perceive through our senses to help us make decisions, to arrive at beliefs and so on.
Our noses are able to recognise thousands of smells, and to perceive odours which are present only in extremely small quantities.
oduor 气味

deceive 欺骗
Sometimes though people will violate maxims for another purpose: to deceive.
maxim 准则
In studies, he gave subjects a chance to deceive for monetary gain while examining their brains in a functional MRI machine, which maps blood flow to active parts of the brain.
Yet appearances can deceive, ecologists caution, and many of these exotics may be considered acceptable only because no one has documented their harmful effects.然而,生态学家警告说,这些表象可能并不是真的;而且,这些外来物种中有许多可能被认为是可接受的,只是因为没有人记载过它们的有害影响。

anatomy 解剖

specimen 样品

counterpart 极其相似的人或物
Urban blackbirds tend to be quite bold, they are prepared to faced up a lot of threats that would frighten away their counry counterparts.

endocrine system 内分泌系统
When they're under stress, thrie endocrine systems react by reducing the amount of hormones into their blood.

prevalent 流行的、普遍的
This condition is more prevalent in women than in men.
Smoking is becoming increasingly prevalent among younger women.
Despite the fact that the disease is so prevalent, treatment is still far from satisfactory.
In the equatorial mountains the low growth form is less prevalent.

symptom 症状
prominent 突出的
One prominent symptom of the disease is progressive loss of memory.
Victoria was strangely undisturbed by this symptom, even though her husband and family were frightened.

syndrome 综合症
Down's syndrom 唐氏综合征
menopause syndrom 更年期综合征
Objective To discuss the curative effect of surgical therapy for styloid process syndrom. 目的在于探究某综合征的手术效果。

revoke 撤销、撤回

inserfent 叛乱的
Pakistan denies sponsoring any insurgent groups.

anticipate 预料
We need someone who can anticipate and respond to changes in the fashion industry.

toll 通行费、代价、死亡人数
The official death toll has now reached 7 000.
They take a similar toll of resources in other industrial nations and in the cities of the developing world.

footing 立足基础
In the 2013-2014 period, the Taliban began to regain its footing.

flawed 有瑕疵的

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion 依本人愚见

synergy 协同
India can contribute and work in peace and friendship and in synergy benefit a lot.
synergy effect 协同作用

mutually 互相地

anecdotal 轶事的

durable 耐用的

Hundreds of peace treaties have been signed in the past 20 or so years, but a sampling of those treaties shows only 3% of the signatories were women.
sampling 抽样

subsidize 资助

subsistence 生存
They had no visible means of subsistence.
Many Namibians are subsistence farmers who live in the arid borderlands. 自给自足的农民
arid 干旱的
Many families are living below the level of subsistence.

There could be many reasons why this is the case.

blockbuster 炸弹、轰动一时的事物
Hollywood blockbusters 好莱坞大片

a host of 大量
a host of miscellaneous problems 千头万绪
miscellaneous 混杂的

coherence and cohesion

people have different views about the effectiveness of group study as opposed to study alone.
as opposed to 而不是、与……相反
If you're going to accent your look with a waist belt, choose wider styles as opposed to super skinny belts.
We ate in the restaurant, as opposed to the bistro.
200 attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.

scheme 方案、计划

deter 阻止

tackle the problem
figure out the problem
settle the matter

take steps to address this problem

address the concern
address the needs = meet the needs = satisfy the needs

substantive 实质性的