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I am an undergraduate student in China, majoring in Internation relations and journalism at Renmin University of China. If you are interested, you can visit my blog site , or you can sent me emails via heyuqi01@gmail.com

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This site is my personal knowledge base, I will share with you here some of my notes, book reviews and other study achievements in undergraduate level study, or even in the future. All the links without access restriction are my original works or authorized transshipments, otherwise are some lecture handouts created by my teachers and I can not simply upload them onto internet without permission, or other citations I did not get clear permission to share. If you want to reprint, you are allowed to reprint the first kind of articles with an origin mark.

I will do my utmost to reference all materials and avoid mistakes. But if I miss out on any references or make some mistakes unwittingly, please drop me a message in the comment area or send me an email. I will sincerely appreciate your help.

I am fond of open source and its spirit. I have learned and got inspired a lot from internet. So I wish I can make my own contribution as well. In my junior year, when surfing on the internet searching for some information to write my course assignment, I came across a website built by a Singaporean student who majored in IR as well, which provided me with some useful essay summaries, but more of a feel of inspiration and encouragement about sharing knowledge. I would like to quote one sentence from him here: "I hope this blog will inspire you to start yours – if you ever do, please link me to yours." That is also what I want to say, let us pass on this kind of spirit and action to build a flourishing knowledge network and help more people all around the globe.