English learning in August 11th

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Firstly, it quenches people's thirst effectively.
解渴 quench sb's thirst

net zero has gone viral.
viral 病毒性的

It delves into everything from seasickness, jet lag and the hazards of camels to malaria and plague.
delve into 深入探究
hazard 危害
plague 瘟疫

Iconoclasts, either because they were born that way or through learning, have found ways to work around the perceptual shortcuts that plague most people.
plague 瘟疫;折磨
shortcut 捷径
work around 替代

devastation 毁坏
from the devastation came innovation
It's a scene of complete devastation.
The war brought massive devastation and loss of life to the region.
Floodwaters also spread west into Balochistan, causing devastation there, as well.
In that devastation, in the utter nakedness of spirit, let us become one in beauty.
Leaning heavily on one or two varieties of a given food is a formula for devastation.

scarce 缺少
scarcely 几乎不
It can scarcely be coincidence.
I can scarcely believe it.
He had altered so much I scarcely recognized him.

ignite 点燃
both iginited changes.
In these inflationary days, such expenses easily ignite public anger.

get a kick out of 从某事中获得愉悦
I get a kick out of funny movies.

concession 让步
She made no concession to his age; she expected him to work as hard as she did.

grab a bargain 讨价还价
haggle 讨价还价

might do the job = might work

euthentic 真正的
Authentic Italian cooking is very healthy—witness the low incidence of heart disease in Italy.

contemplation 沉思

pilgrim 朝圣者
pilgrimage 朝圣之地
make it a pilgrimage site

culminate 到极点
triumphant 胜利的
The American singer Diana Ross, the main performer at the introductory ceremonies, led an elaborate song-and-dance number that was to culminate in a triumphant shot.

boisterous 吵闹的
Spender concludes that, in mixed classes, if the girls are as boisterous and pushy as the boys, they are considered "unladylike", if they are docile and quiet, they are ignored.

gripping 激动人心的
The play was so gripping, the audience couldn't take its eyes off the stage.

knock off 敲落
A new study finds it's never too late to gain health benefits by knocking off such bad habits.
Keep at it and you'll soon be knocking off your most important tasks easily.

ruthless 残忍的
His rivals knew that they could expect no quarter from such a ruthless adversary.

ebb and flood 起起落落
Their number and strength, their ebb and flood, their play and counter play and above all the laws of their nourishment remain quite unknown to us.

track and field 田径运动

tantamount 同等的
what he saying is tantamount to heresy.(异端邪说)

patronage 赞助

shun 躲开

coverage 新闻报道
Support our award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology.

harrumph 咕哝
Many may harrumph at such a Darwinian interpretation of feminism, and say that it is a circuitous route to a traditional destination.

nominate 提名、任命
Forbes asked a panel of architects and campus designers to nominate their picks for the best-looking campuses in the world. These are their top choices.
panel 座谈小组

deceit 欺骗
His name is synonymous with deception, treachery, cunning, and deceit.
Deceit, according to him, was impossibility in the case of one trained to observation and analysis.
This forces the liar to expand on their tale until they become entrapped in their own web of deceit.

duplicitous 奸诈的
But the phone and cable companies are themselves being duplicitous.

despicable and filthy 卑劣肮脏的
What was truly despicable was the deafening silence maintained by the candidates concerning the riots.

ecstasy 喜悦
You should see the bright ecstasy in the eyes of a nesting thrush(画眉鸟).
He wanted all to lie in an ecstasy of peace; I wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious jubilee.

humble 谦逊的
She has risen from humble origins to immense wealth.

stalling 使暂缓
They are still stalling on the deal.
Thomas had spent all week stalling over his decision.

it takes leadership to set the tone and to set aspirational goals for an institution.

with no guidebook on how to take patients first from aspirational goal to operational reality, the clinic embarked on a journey of trial and error, success and failure, until the aspiration became a strategy and tactics were developed that allowed the clinic to implement world-class patient experience.

Improving the patient experience is not only the right thing to do; it is an imperative in the changing world of regulation and law in American healthcare.
imperative 必要的;必要的事

humility 谦逊

moderate 稳健的、中庸的、温和的

modest 谦虚的

The familys trust and confidence in Remzi's medical ability is bolstered by his concern for Dana as a person, not just as a patient。
bolster 靠枕;加强

cutting-edge issue 前沿的议题

align 使结盟、成直线
aligning a workforce around the customer is applicable to any business that has customers, which is every business.(every用于强调)
A tripod(三脚架) will be useful to align and steady the camera.

This is why you should take the advice of one person with a grain of salt.
with a grain of salt 半信半疑地
take something with a grain of salt 对……持保留态度
As with all Apple rumors, take this with a grain of salt until the company itself announces something concrete.

anthropology 人类学

patron 赞助者

gale 大风
yellow warning in gale

internship 实习

consultations 磋商

halt 停止
halt the war

Ukraine 乌克兰

implement v.实施
ceasefire 停火
implemented an immediate ceasefire

encircle 环绕

ledge 窗台、矿层
ledger lines 五线谱中突出的附加线

accidential 意外的;五线谱中的临时记号

crotchet 四分音符、小勾

contamination = pollution

section 切片、横截面

Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯

fatal 致死的
fatality 死亡率

resentment 仇恨、怨恨
resent v. 厌恶
They resent foreign interference in the internal affairs of their country.
Paradoxically, the less you have to do the more you may resent the work that does come your way.
paradoxically 自相矛盾地

embark 从事

ailing 生病的

amateur 业余者

opacity 透明度

cremate 火葬

sting-stung-stung 刺

Ethiopia 埃塞俄比亚

petroleum 石油

clergy 神职人员

barista 咖啡师